Swami Rama Dhyana Gurukulam

In the Tradition of Yoga & Meditation of the Himalayan Masters

Practices and Disciplines

For a genuine and everlasting transformation, one must practice a systematic method of self-discipline and self-training.

Disciplines practiced as methods to purify, calm and focus the body-mind (actions, words, thoughts, emotions):

  • Humility; egolessness; truthfulness; non-violence; self-control and observance; austerity; love towards Teachers and every living being; bhakti 'devotion' towards one's own most loved form of God and/or towards the Guru; determination –will power-; clarity in one's own personal objective; self-contentment; resistance to adverse situations; dispassion about worldly pleasures (sensuality, power, fame...); celibacy or loyalty to one's partner.
  • Dress codes (modest loose clothing). White and light colours are traditional ashram colours, and are considered sattvic (resonating peace and purity).
  • Daily time schedules including the times for Meditation (7:30-08:30 am; and 06:00-07:00 pm), Hatha Yoga (5:00-07:00 am; 04:30-05:30 pm) and prayers.
  • Personal disciplines and methods of learning as advised by the Teachers and Guides.
  • Karma Yoga, viz. different services to the Ashram (serving food, assistant, etc.).
  • Journaling: Reflect and write on one's own practices and experiences.
  • Group discussions.
  • In the spirit of ahimsa, we do not consume or prepare any meat, fish, or eggs on the premises.
  • Mood altering substances including alcohol and tobacco are not welcome.